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Will my computer be able to play these games?

This software was designed to be very simple and should run on even old computers. If you are not sure if the software will work, try it out on our free website here.
Compatibility Requirements
Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X+
Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari
Flash Player 9.0
(Free from

Does the software save my student's settings?
Currently the games found on the free website do not save the students' scores or data. We are currently developing a new subscription website which saves and stores all game data and offers new features.

I am not sure how to play this game what do I do?
In each game there is a little light bulb. When this light bulb is clicked in the game a character will appear and help explain what the student needs to do. In addition to the in game help we also have walkthroughs available that you can watch on the website.

Software Walkthroughs
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