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Epiphany Games Software was designed side by side with both elementary school teachers and students. These games are all designed to provide fun opportunities for students to practice valuable skills learned in the classroom. Each game offers unique challenges and goals to keep students interested and engaged in the games. Currently we are offering spelling, math, typing, and puzzle games. Read the information below to learn more about the individual games.
Spelling Games
This collection of spelling games helps students practice spelling words. They are organized by grade level. There are a collection of spelling lists for each grade level. Spelling lists often differ from teacher to teacher and school to school. For this reason, custom spelling lists can be entered to customize the game. There are four basic games the students may play: Letter Guess, Word Search, Word Scramble, and Letter Catchers. The student earns points for each word they spell correctly. These points can be used to purchase addition games.

To see a complete list of all spelling words and lessons in the Spelling Games please click here.
Math Games
There are five math games available in the Epiphany Games Software Collection. These games offer fun ways to practice elementary school math skills. The games offer the ability to practice skills ranging from simple counting all the way up to complex long division. These games are simple in design but offer a wide variety of options for practice. The games have many preset lessons for grade levels, but can also be customized for specific skill practice.
Puzzle Games
The puzzle games are a collection of games designed to make students think and solve problems. For the earlier grades these games are great for practicing and developing basic computer mouse manipulation and movement skills. For the older grades these games are a great way to have fun solving puzzles.
Typing Games
The typing games are a collection of games to allow students to both learn and practice typing skills while having fun. The Type Type Revolution (TTR) games were created to provide a fun way to practice typing skills.
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