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About Epiphany Games
Why was this web site created?
This web site was created to showcase many games that were developed throughout a couple years of teaching inside a computer lab in an elementary school. The web site has gone through many different changes over the years and now serves as a promotional tool for our new subscription web site. Currently, you can play any of the games for free and without any ads on the web site. In the early part of 2010, you will have a chance to purchase a membership to our subscription service which will add many new features and benefits not found on the free web site.
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Who are these games for?
These games are designed for elementary school students (Kindergarten through 6th grade). They are designed to give students a fun way of practicing many of the skills and things learned in the classroom. Additionally, some games were also created to develop computer related skills such as basic mouse manipulation for young students as well as typing skills for all students.
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Are these games designed to teach students?
No, these games were not created to teach students new skills. Students can learn new skills by playing these games, but the games were designed to supplement instruction, not replace it. By design, these games are tools to be used to help practice important computer skills and other skills learned in the classroom. Students learn in many different ways, and skills can be taught in numerous different ways. However, there is no good substitute for practice, and these games are designed to provide students a fun way to practice their skills.
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How can I contact the webmaster of this web site?
The easiest way to contact our webmaster is via email. Click this link, webmaster@egames4kids.com, or copy and paste this email address into your email program: webmaster@egames4kids.com
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Who made all of these games?
The founder of this web site is Joshua Kairis. He originally started designing educational software in 2003 while serving as a computer instructor at Otter Creek Elementary in Elgin, IL. He worked closely with teachers and students to develop games to help students build the necessary skills to effectively use technology, like keyboarding and mouse control. He also worked on developing fun games to help students practice important classroom skills like math facts, spelling words, and reading. He has continued to work with technology in education, serving as a computer technician for Geneva CUSD 304 for a number of years. He graduated with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Computer Science in 2003, and continued his education completing his Master's Degree in Elementary Education in 2009.
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There is something that I would like my students to practice, but I can't find a game for it. Can one of these games be changed or can a new game be created to help me?
Our focus is currently on making our subscription service an amazing experience, but we always welcome new ideas. Feel free to make any suggestions to webmaster@egames4kids.com.
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I would like to know more about the author of these games, where can I find this information?
I have created a separate web page with my resume. Please click here to see my professional achievements. My first area of study was computer science and computer programming. I later learned how much I enjoyed working with elementary students and teachers. I used my background in technology to create these games and provide students a fun way to practice important computer and classroom skills. I went back and completed my Master's Degree in elementary education. In addition to continuing development of this web site, I am also working as a substitute teacher.
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I have a question or a comment. How do I contact your company?
Currently email is the best way to get in touch with us:
If you have a question or comment regarding the web site please contact webmaster@egames4kids.com.
If you are having trouble with the software and need help please contact support@egames4kids.com.
If you would like to find out more information about either the software or the fundraiser please contact info@egames4kids.com

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